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Assassination by drone

In a previous post on the ethics of Realpolitik I questioned the morality of acceptable “collateral damage” ie civilian deaths. Given the New Zealand Prime Minister’s long unflinching support for unilateral US action in Iraq and Afghanistan, and indeed that of many previous governments for US intervention, I am curious as to the formula both […]

sitting at the big table

Oh dear, the Maori Party have hit a new low in their dealings with National. Blinded by their somewhat justified hatred for Labour, they have made an embarrassment of themselves over the asset sales and the issue of Maori water rights. So deluded that they are being taken serious notice of at the big white […]

Asset Sales and the privatisation agenda

American economic historian Michael Hudson is one of the most prominent and considered of the neo liberal agenda critics (although he prefers to use post-classical to neo liberal). In a long but reasoned speech in Australia in 2009 he provides plenty of evidence against the logic behind asset sales complete with historical background. While both Labour and National […]

Gardenbrain versus Machinebrain

An excellent op-ed in the New York Times   by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer about the absurdity of the market ideology practiced here and in most of the Western world. Unfortunately both National and Labour still believe in trickle down economics and market fundamentalism. The 2008 GFC should have been the end of this nonsense but like a demented […]

Maybe there is hope

Bernie Sanders is not a name you will hear in the mainstream media. Like his fellow Senator, Ron Paul, the independent Senator for Vermont is not part of the cosy duopoly of American politics. He is an outspoken critic of the status quo in the US political and economic structure and in particular the extreme […]

Only in America

We criticise our politicians a lot in New Zealand, with good reason. Whatever their own stated noble reasons for entering politics, like their compatriots overseas they end up as apologists for the status quo. American politicians however, like most things American, take things to the extreme. A hillarious example (to an outsider who doesn’t have […]

US navy 1 – national government 0

“Does not subservience and obsequiousness breed contempt?” I said this in a post a couple of days ago in reference to the sycophantic approach of successive New Zealand governments to their dealings with the US. The Key government has taken things to a new level and lo and behold news comes in of the NZ Navy being […]

Chris Hedges – The corporate state, faux liberalism & the sham of democracy

A fantastic interview with Chris Hedges (somewhat long – the first 60 minutes is the best). Hedges is a prolific author(9 books) and New York Times journalist with an interesting CV including training in a seminary and a long period as foreign correspondent. He reiterates many points I have made in previous posts, that it doesn’t […]

The rise and rise of the military-industrial complex in the us

Excellent documentary shown on BBC in 2005 about how pervasive the military and the corrupt military-industrial complex behind it  has become in the US and how corrosive it has been to the body politic. It also raises several of the points I made in an earlier post about cognitive dissonance, propaganda and co-opting the media. Another documentary […]