sitting at the big table

Oh dear, the Maori Party have hit a new low in their dealings with National. Blinded by their somewhat justified hatred for Labour, they have made an embarrassment of themselves over the asset sales and the issue of Maori water rights. So deluded that they are being taken serious notice of at the big white boys table, they will take any utterance of the Prime Minister as an excuse to maintain the baubles of office – in the interest of their people of course. This actually puts them in good company with the Prime Minister and the National Party because they also have the obsequious disease but for the US.

Does not subservience and obsequiousness breed contempt?” I said this in a post a couple of days ago in reference to the sycophantic approach of successive New Zealand governments to their dealings with the US. The Key government has taken things to a new level and lo and behold news comes in of the NZ Navy being humiliated at the RIMPAC exercise off Hawaii by being the only nation from 22, including Russia, to not be allowed to dock with the other warships at Pearl Harbour because of lingering resentment over our nuclear free legislation. As John Armstrong of the NZ Herald quite rightly describes it – “Petty, petulant and pathetic.”

Key and Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman try to spin it as “nothing new” and not a snub at all. Might want to check with Te Kaha’s sailors on that one minister. They are right in the sense that US arrogance towards us is not new and with good reason. We are so servile towards big brother, human nature being what it is, rather than receiving gratitude we get contempt. NZ looks like the faithful puppy who gets kicked but keeps coming back for more out of misguided devotion.

Still as the Prime Minister was eager to show on Letterman, better to be noticed and laughed at than not noticed at all. One hopes US negotiators at the secret TPP negotiations in San Diego are displaying a bit less hubris than their US Navy compatriots.

In this case it’s the Maori Party who are the puppy and the National Party the kickers.

Steve Braunias has penned a cutting satire of Tariana Turia in his regular Secret Diary of… The tino rangatiratanga beret was a nice touch but unlikely to strike fear into the heart of the Prime Minister.

Winston Peters mocked her as “What I call middle class, radical, treaty traveller Maori.”

Maori Council co-chairman Maanu Paul says the Maori Party’s supporters are now calling for an end to its relationship with National over the issue.

“They have nowhere else to go and so for them, their political life is almost at the O.K. Corral stage,” he says.

“In a Maori world, they should act like Maori – defend their mana, not the money.”

Ouch! I know a lot of European New Zealanders don’t like uppity Maori like Hone Harawira but he seems to be toning down the aggression for general consumption and still coming across as the most impassioned advocate for disadvantaged Maori as opposed to the Iwi institutions. Good for him. Both Maori and disadvantaged Europeans need someone like Hone in their corner.

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