Obama vs Romney. Is there a difference?

With the US Presidential election only a few weeks away, Mitt Romney has just put his foot in his gaff prone mouth again, firmly cementing the belief that this private equity corporate raider acts only in the interest of the 1%. But is Obama any different?

It would be fair to say many 2008 supporters have been disappointed with how little change there has been under America’s first black President. They shouldn’t have been. All the signs were there that Barrack Obama was far from a reformer or Washington outsider. He has taken  more campaign contributions from the financial industry than any other politician in the last 20 years. He went to the same elite Universities, belonged to many of the same clubs as the rest of America’s financial and political elite. To anyone looking objectively at his record, apart from being black, he was as mainstream status quo as they come. Martin Luther King Jr he is not.

One critic of Obama before the 2008 election was veteran journalist and documentary maker John Pilger. It is hard to argue with his analysis of Obama as a runaway marketing success but a real life fake. Yes he has a winning smile, the slow walk, the slow deep voice but what has he accomplished from his list of purported intentions in 2008. Has he reformed Wall Street or closed Guantanamo?

He’s a marketing dream. But like Calvin Klein or Benetton he is a brand that promises something special, something exciting, almost risque, as if he might be radical, as if he might enact change. He makes people feel good. He’s a post modern man with no political baggage. And all that’s fake.

Another ferocious critic is Princeton University professor Cornel West

Even former celebrity supporters like Matt Damon have deserted him.

 “I think he’s rolled over to Wall Street completely. The economy has huge problems. We still have all these banks that are too big to fail. They’re bigger and making more money than ever. Unemployment at 10 per cent? It’s terrible.”

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