Monthly Archives: September 2013

Have the New Zealand Green Party become banal?

Realpolitik, the belief that politics should be pragmatic and based on “reality” rather than any form of utopian or moral ideology. By moving to the banal center of New Zealand politics, that empty wasteland where policies and ideas are reduced to a single sentence or 30 second sound bite, where the debate is framed by […]

Glenn Greenwald – One Journalist holding those in power to account

I have highlighted the work of Glenn Greenwald before. A former New York attorney he now writes for a number of online and traditional news organisations, most prominently The Guardian newspaper in Britain. He has been at the forefront of the Edward Snowden/NSA revelations, one of the few to interview Snowden in person and responsible […]

Interview with Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is one of the most thoughtful, persuasive and informed critics of American Exceptionalism, the entrenched mythology that allows successive US governments to act in such a callous and brutal manner, not just abroad but at home too. Belief in the American Dream, belief that the US is better than every other nation on […]

Obama dishonours Martin Luther King

Barack Obama is a fine orator. Remember his speeches on “change” before the 2008 election, the ones that gave not only Americans but people worldwide the hope┬áthat there would be change to the status quo that bought us the GFC and the Iraq war? Turns out his promises are as empty and cynical as those […]