Obama dishonours Martin Luther King

imagesBarack Obama is a fine orator. Remember his speeches on “change” before the 2008 election, the ones that gave not only Americans but people worldwide the hope that there would be change to the status quo that bought us the GFC and the Iraq war? Turns out his promises are as empty and cynical as those before him, perhaps more so considering the wave of desperate optimism that he exploited. But in his 5 years of power never has he ever symbolically stooped so low as his recent use of Martin Luther King Jr’s bible in the 50 year anniversary commemoration of his “I had a dream” speech? Princeton Professor Cornel West is livid and gives a passionate and compelling thesis for why MLK would probably not just turn but spin in his grave.

West also calls Obama out on his use of drones in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia, calling them for what they are – war crimes.

MLK had his own axis of evil but funnily enough only the first is part of the public discourse – Racism, Militarism and Poverty. In the US you can openly talk about racism but militarism and poverty, especially poverty are taboo. Obama is a white elite reflection of what a liberal black man should be. Look at his history, his education, his political contributors. Ivy League, Wall Street, status quo. Obama is as progressive as George Bush. Would he ever give a speech like this questioning the military industrial complex or the persistence of not just black poverty but white poverty as well.

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defence than programmes of social uplift is approaching spiritual death

Or given Obama’s duplicitous assault on freedom of expression and privacy consider MLK’s final and prophetic speech the day before his assassination and ask yourself if Obama is in the tradition of King

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