Interview with Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is one of the most thoughtful, persuasive and informed critics of American Exceptionalism, the entrenched mythology that allows successive US governments to act in such a callous and brutal manner, not just abroad but at home too. Belief in the American Dream, belief that the US is better than every other nation on earth, belief that the US can act as it sees fit without reproach because it is God’s chosen one, are articles of faith of not just conservatives and the evangelical but also the liberal elite in government and the media. They are the basis of the American public’s cognitive dissonance about its often brutal history and repellent policies abroad, particularly Central and Latin America and the Middle East, and the willful invisibility of poverty in the main stream media and public discourse.

American Exceptionalism and the “American Dream” will tolerate no criticism of the political, military and economic ideals and systems that underpin them. They are non negotiable. Like neo liberalism here in New Zealand, “There is No Alternative”. Like the “Clean Green” myth it’s unpatriotic to publically question their basis in fact. See no evil, speak no evil. To do otherwise is to be labeled radical, communist or in this day and age a national security threat, even a terrorist, subject to surveillance and intimidation by authorities and ridicule in the media.

There are 7 parts to this interview but they are well worth viewing, for voices like Hedges are completely missing from the mainstream media not just in the US but here in NZ.

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