Monthly Archives: November 2013

why the New Zealand banks hate the LVR restrictions

The latest data that the restrictions the Reserve Bank put on high Loan to Value loans is having the desired effect will be making both banks and property speculators rather nervous. In a single month high LVR loans have gone from 25% of bank lending to 11% and although other loans have partially offset this […]

Turkish genocide denial and Gallipoli day

In an earlier post from 2012 I discussed the uncomfortable connection between the Armenian Genocide and Gallipoli Day and the notable silence in Australia and New Zealand surrounding both the genocide and its denial by Turkey. With the 100th commemoration of Gallipoli less than 18 months away I questioned whether this was because Australian and […]

Police – Protecting you or the status quo?

Britain has a long and disgraceful history of not only the intelligence services but also the police trying to both infiltrate and act as agent provocateurs inside peaceful protest groups. A recent Guardian newspaper article on how the police tried to recruit (not realising he was being filmed) a Cambridge student into spying on different […]