Iraq, Wikileaks and military force – here we go again

Julian Assange has just had his second anniversary of being holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. A good time to remember why Wikileaks and Assange became so hated by those in authority. I don’t know if Assange is more egotistical and misogynistic than your average bloke – his personal attributes or failings have nothing to do with the validity and importance of what Wikileaks publishes.

Remember what bought all the wrath down on him and the site was the 2010 Collateral Murder video – the Apache gunship killing of a journalist and innocent bystanders including several children. The gun camera footage is in black and white and without close ups. What is really chilling is not the visual but the audio, the callous banter between pilot and controller.

A less well known corollary of the footage is an account of the incident by one of the ground forces who arrived as it happened. As the United States considers action again in Iraq, watch both videos and consider once again how the US armed forces can possibly make a positive contribution.



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