Time for New Zealand to leave the UN

The United Nations like the League of Nations that preceded it is nothing but a sham, a pretence for civilised debate while the economic and military behemoths of the world serve their own interests, regardless of what is expressed in its chambers and with impunity thanks to the ludicrous Security Council veto. Little old New Zealand, who so many of us kiwis longingly believe “punches above its weight”, wants another non voting seat on the Security Council and our former Prime Minister, Helen Clark, has possible ambitions on being the next Secretary General. Don’t bother! The shame of Israel’s actions in Gaza should be final evidence that the UN is morally bankrupt and primarily serves the interest of its strongest member, the United States. Confirmation of this has just come from Wikileaks who have released a cable regarding an earlier Israeli operation in Gaza in 2009 which shows how compromised and  subservient the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is to both the US and its client Israel. Look at the list of UN Resolutions Israel has ignored with impunity. On top of this New Zealand is fatally compromised by its own sycophantic relationship with the US. If you really want to be seen as truly independent, you have to say no sometimes to the world’s biggest bully. Silence is cowardice, not diplomacy.

I suggest we take the money we contribute to the UN each year, in aid and wasted diplomatic representation, and spend it directly, under our own banner and through less wasteful and compromised NGO’s. How about a Kiwi Peace Corps doing reconstruction and aid projects around the world? Wouldn’t that inspire more of our young people and garner more real international goodwill than participating at the UN? It is nauseating to watch the various political elites of each nation mix and mingle on fine dining, wine and junkets without achieving anything of lasting value to their citizens. It serves only to provide cushy “jobs for the boys” (and girls) and a veneer of legitimisation for the global status quo. If New Zealand really wants to be independent, end the charade. Realpolitik be damned!

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