MAD DOGS and whales

It seems ironically fitting that the “whale”, as Cameron Slater likes to refer to himself, should be in Israel when Dirty Politics broke cover. This is because not only is Israeli politics a hornets nest of internecine warfare, but also because of Israel’s promotion of its “Mad Dog” persona and the Samson Option, the threat to bring everyone, “friends” included, with nuclear weapons if necessary if existentially threatened. As Israeli war hero and ex Defence Minister Moshe Dayan put it;

“Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”
Cameron Slater, Judith Collins, Simon Lusk and who knows how many other National Party activists seem to have adopted this stance. Their vindictiveness towards critics inside National and quest for information to destroy opposition outside the Nats borders on pathological and has serious blackmail undertones. The “Nasty” Party is a very apt  moniker in light of the revealed communications.
Slater is probably unhinged and almost worthy of pity but Collins deserves to be driven from not only her Justice portfolio (particularly egregious given she is responsible for cyber bullying) but also from Parliament. Do New Zealanders really want people who talk and act in this way as their representatives? Aaron Gilmore had nothing on these guys!
At least the “Mad Dog” threat would explain the inexplicable refusal of John Key to sack Collins or disown Slater and his comments. Many commentators have half joked over the years that Collins must have something over Key. “At the end of the day” Key seems pretty “relaxed” about it so who knows what the mad dogs of Israeli or New Zealand politics are really up to. Given their state of mind, I doubt they do either.

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