I have been interested in politics, economics, defence and foreign affairs for as long as I can remember. History was my favourite subject at school and I majored in Political Studies at Auckland University including a Masters Thesis. My vocations after University however have been in another areas of interest;, graphic design, photography and printing. I have worked for and owned sign companies, photo labs and printing bureaus. I returned to University in 2011 to do a Post-grad Diploma in Communications which included papers in Investigative Journalism, Documentary and Video Filming and Editing. I have always read extensively on politics and economics but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the GFC have combined with the pleasure I got from further study to rekindle my passion and no small degree of dismay at the political and economic turning point we now find ourselves.  Hence the foray into blogging. If you find the opinion, information or links I give here interesting please recommend the site to your friends

Stephen Keys


  1. Peter J. Morgan · · Reply

    Hi Stephen
    I’ve just come across your blog and have started reading your excellent piece “AN ESSAY REVISITING ROGERNOMICS IN AN AGE OF GLOBALISATION”.
    I really would like to communicate with you so would much appreciate it if you would email me.
    Peter J. Morgan

  2. Nice blog Stephen.

    All the best,

    Philip Ferguson

  3. Thank you, excellent info.

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