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Asset Sales and the privatisation agenda

American economic historian Michael Hudson is one of the most prominent and considered of the neo liberal agenda critics (although he prefers to use post-classical to neo liberal). In a long but reasoned speech in Australia in 2009 he provides plenty of evidence against the logic behind asset sales complete with historical background. While both Labour and National […]

Gardenbrain versus Machinebrain

An excellent op-ed in the New York Times   by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer about the absurdity of the market ideology practiced here and in most of the Western world. Unfortunately both National and Labour still believe in trickle down economics and market fundamentalism. The 2008 GFC should have been the end of this nonsense but like a demented […]

Chris Hedges – The corporate state, faux liberalism & the sham of democracy

A fantastic interview with Chris Hedges (somewhat long – the first 60 minutes is the best). Hedges is a prolific author(9 books) and New York Times journalist with an interesting CV including training in a seminary and a long period as foreign correspondent. He reiterates many points I have made in previous posts, that it doesn’t […]

Is globalisation coming to an end?

Nice link here from I had heard of Canadian writer John Ralston Saul before but couldn’t recall his thoughts. He makes a nice metaphorical comparison to the financial sector as a collapsing souffle. “Trying to inject egg whites into a falling souffle doesn’t work” This short two-part clip ties in closely with much of what I have […]

Labour could stop SOE sales tomorrow

If Labour really wanted to stop National’s asset sales in their tracks they only need to come out and say they will buy them back at cost or even better yet promise to nationalise them on their own terms. No one will touch the shares with a barge pole with such a threat hanging over […]

An Essay Revisiting Rogernomics in an Age of Globalisation

To what extent has New Zealand been absorbed into the flows and networks of global financial capitalism since 1984 and the economic reforms of the fourth Labour Government. Was this process inevitable, is it desirable, is it reversible? (modified from a paper on Globalisation as part of a PG Dip Communications) The neo-liberal economic reforms […]

Time to put Rogernomics to sleep

It is one of the mysteries of New Zealand politics how both the main parties remain so wedded to the neo-liberal economic policies of the 1980’s. After the Global Financial Crisis the only debate should be what do we as a nation replace them with. Instead like Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States we […]