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Greenwald, GCSB and the war on dissent

Forget the war on terror. Glenn Greenwald has confirmed what mass surveillance is really about. Keeping track of internal dissenters, those pesky animal and human rights activists; those annoying NGO’s with their irritating agendas; those do gooder environmentalists and their outrageous claims against corporations; and who knows maybe even political parties, especially those with non […]

Interview with Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is one of the most thoughtful, persuasive and informed critics of American Exceptionalism, the entrenched mythology that allows successive US governments to act in such a callous and brutal manner, not just abroad but at home too. Belief in the American Dream, belief that the US is better than every other nation on […]

Chris Hedges – The corporate state, faux liberalism & the sham of democracy

A fantastic interview with Chris Hedges (somewhat long – the first 60 minutes is the best). Hedges is a prolific author(9 books)¬†and New York Times journalist with an interesting CV including training in a seminary and a long period as foreign correspondent. He reiterates many points I have made in previous posts, that it doesn’t […]