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Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%

Another commentary by Joseph Stiglitz, this time in Vanity Fair on how unbalanced wealth distribution has become in the US (and New Zealand). Apologists like Bob Jones exemplify the libertarian self righteousness of many of the wealthy, especially those who consider themselves “self made”. Most kiwis don’t resent those who have done well but the pie […]

Time to put Rogernomics to sleep

It is one of the mysteries of New Zealand politics how both the main parties remain so wedded to the neo-liberal economic policies of the 1980’s. After the Global Financial Crisis the only debate should be what do we as a nation replace them with. Instead like Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States we […]

The Price of Inequality

A succinct piece by Joseph Stiglitz outlining why the American dream is a myth for the vast majority of Americans. There has also been the same effect in New Zealand though not as extreme. John Key and the National Party remain advocates though of trickle down economics. It might not be so bad if there […]