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Guaranteed Minimum Income, Mana and the MSM

One of the most galling aspects of this election to me was the ganging up on the Mana Party and Hone Harawira by the entire political establishment. As far as I know, even the Greens were silent. Not only did the other parties conspire to remove Harawira from his Te Tai Tokerau seat, the media completely […]

Luddites versus machines. Is there a middle ground?

Further to two recent posts on technology and employment, how robots and computers, and eventually artificial intelligence, will replace an ever increasing range of skilled and unskilled jobs, is this thought provoking article by Bryan Appleyard in New Statesman. In one post I suggested if the technology is harnessed correctly the futuristic utopian ideal of […]

Amazon and its human robots

Further to an earlier post on robots, automation and their future effect on employment is this Salon excerpt from the book “Mindless: Why smarter machines are making dumber humans” by Simon Head. Its case study of some of Amazon’s warehousing operations around the world  shows why for many jobs, being replaced by a robot will be […]

Robots, Unemployment and the Universal Basic Income

Remember the futurist dream of the 50’s and 60’s? The one where machines, computers and robots did all the menial jobs and provided not only business with increased productivity but employees better job fulfillment and more leisure time. It might still happen but it is going to take a radical change in the status quo […]