1. Korual · · Reply

    So Social Credit were right all along? I do wonder if Grant Robertson secretly knows all this but thinks that it is too politically explosive to admit to it. Although he does promise a surplus he seems to be aiming for as small a surplus as possible, as if he is only worried about the symbolic gesture of making sure there is no deficit for anyone to point to. Bill English, however, was straight-forwardly ignorant, he really thought that the government needed to make savings.

  2. Love you work! Beautifully clear exposition on MMT. My god so many nations including OZ and NZ have shot themselves in the foot by the failed economic and political ideology of neoliberalism/monetarism

  3. I recently posted a different view of a Job Guarantee program, featuring bottom-up administration and max automation, at TENonline.org/jg.html . Any critique of that proposal is welcome.

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